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Launching page for WIA Awards database user functions. The menu items left select the desired function

All WIA awards are supported, including:

  • DXCC Multi-mode (Open, CW, Phone, Digital)
  • DXCC Multi-band (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 band)
  • Grid Square
  • VHF/UHF Century Club
  • Antarctic
  • Worked All States VHF
  • Worked All VK Call Areas HF
  • Heard All VK Call Areas HF
  • Worked All VK Call Areas VHF
  • IARU Worked All Continents

The basic steps for claiming awards are as follows:

  1. Upload your ADIF (V2 or V3) log. You can upload updated logs and they will be merged. You can zip the file.
  2. Verify all your QSO's. There are 4 types of verification that need to be performed.
    • Verify DXCC - checks/corrects DXCC entity number of QSO at
    • Verify eQSL™ - verifies QSO's with Only AG subscribers apply.
    • Verify LOTW™ - verifies your QSO's with the ARRL Logbook Of The World™.
    • Verify Paper - in your Profile, ensure that you authorise two other Amateurs to verify your QSL cards.
  3. Show award status - lets you check your progress towards achieving an award, and details those you qualify for.
  4. Apply for award - allows you to submit a claim for an award.
  5. Print certificate - allows you to print any award certificate you have been granted.
The WIA wishes to acknowledge the services provided by the following organisations that are used to verify QSO within this system.
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